Monday, May 12, 2014

"Secrets" of Social Media Revealed- Part Three: LinkedIn

Part Three: LinkedIn

A couple of weeks ago, Brockett Creative attended Secrets to Success on Social Media in 2014, the “worlds largest webinar” #WLW14 hosted by Hubspot and featuring spokespeople from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

So far we’ve summarized these so-called secrets from Twitter and Facebook. Now we’ll take a closer look at tips as outlined by LinkedIn, the business-oriented social network.

There are 161 million professionals worldwide who have connected with LinkedIn since its launch in 2003. According to company stats, every second that number grows by two more memberships.

Members on LinkedIn look for jobs and job-related content. On the network users can search for jobs, join work-related groups, and submit job applications. It is also a prime platform for marketing your business as a trusted brand.

But how can you improve your LinkedIn experience? Scott Engelman of LinkedIn had this to say:

Valuable Content (Sensing a trend here?)

When posting as, or on behalf of your company, share professionally-relevant content to your followers. If it’s original, that’s great. If you’re sharing, that’s fine, as long as what you’re sharing is of value.

Use strong imagery, professional in tone, but new.

See what resonates best, and continue to share similar content.

Spend wisely

Use sponsored updates to amplify your message. Start with your highest organic reach and expand on that.

Create targeted audiences for sponsored updates

Think Responsively

Don’t forget about users who are using tablets or mobile applications when sharing.

For more on gettting the most out of LinkedIn:

The big secret revealed?

Ultimately, the biggest takeaway from this webinar? Three simple rules that can be applied to all three very different social media networks.
  1. Content is key for getting the most out of Social Media
  2. Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.
  3. Be experimental

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Monday, May 5, 2014

"Secrets" of Social Media Revealed- Part Two: Facebook

Secrets of Social Media Revealed- Part Two: Facebook

Last week we did a recap of Hubspot’s giant webinar featuring the “Secrets” of Social Media, focusing on tips for Twitter.

We’ll take a look at some of what Facebook’s guru had to say about best practices when it comes to building your brand ala Zuckerberg.

Choose wisely

Facebook is the “800-pound gorilla of the social media space.” The network has more than 1 billion active users around the world; and just about everyone is on Facebook, teens to retirees. Hubspot suggests, and I agree, that if a marketer had to pick only one social media channel to maintain a presence, it’d have to be Facebook.

Ads are second to Organic Engagement
. Although the targeting functionality of Facebook's advertising platform is powerful, like Twitter, paid advertising should be a distant second in the marketing priority list.

Target correctly

Put your brand’s best “face” forward (pun intended) to the social world. The content you share and the interactions you entice define how well you ’ll do.

Remember to use imagery whenever possible. Facebook reports that photo posts perform the best, followed by status, video, and link posts, in that order.

When crafting content, or targeting through promoted posts or Ads, remember to keep your reach right down the middle. Don’t target too broad of an audience or too narrow of a niche.

Conversely, when it comes to post length, the middle ground is exactly where you DON’T want to be, experts say. Posts between about 100 and 350 characters performed the worst. Go short and concise with an image; or if it’s content heavy, make it count.

Timing is everything

Recent analysis published by Hubspot found that content posted on Saturday and Sunday tends to get more likes than content posted during the business week. That doesn’t mean publish all of your posts over the weekend, but spread it out a bit and experiment!

To beg or not to beg

Should you ask people to like a post, a page, or help you reach that 1,000 page-like milestone? Facebook says, simply, no.

What's new?

Facebook tackles privacy at the F8 conference, April 30, 2014

Next up...LinkedIn

We’ll wrap up our recap of the “Secrets” Behind Social Media Today webinar with a look at LinkedIn.

Until then, have a question, we’re here, [email protected] or call 315.797.5088.