Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Overcome your Fear of Commitment: Retainers

There are many common misconceptions and concerns about entering into a retainer relationship with an agency. But we’re here to tell you the benefits of a retainer and how to overcome your fear of this beneficial business marriage. Could this be you?

“I’m in love with my agency, they do wonderful work and I’m already seeing ROI  (my customer base is already expanding!) but they recommend we commit to a year-long retainer. That seems like a long time. Does that mean I lose my freedom and right to customize or make adjustments to my marketing plan? How will I trust that my agency will keep their end of the bargain and that I won’t overpay for services? Sometimes I worry that my agency is just looking out for itself. I really do love them, but when my project manager hints at a long-term future together, I freeze. Help!”

Signed Jittery Corp

Dear Jittery,

Your worries are completely normal when it comes to protecting and growing your business. Rest assured, your agency has your very best interest at heart and there are many benefits to joining into a retainer.

Here are all of the positive aspects of the retainer:

There is an opportunity to build a stronger relationship

There is a reason you chose your agency in the first place, and your agency cares about you and your future. As you enjoy success, so does your agency.

A more hands-on campaign experience

Your agency can dedicate appropriate hours, strategies, and assets to fit your specific needsleading to better collaboration between you both. There is also more focus on business goals rather than individual tasks.


There is comfort in knowing what to expect and budget for. You'll know what your marketing cost will be for the year.


Open communication means you can contact the agency anytime knowing you won’t be billed a consultation fee.

So take heart, Jittery, there is no reason to fear the retainer commitment. It sounds as though you and your agency are on your way to a beautiful relationship.

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