Wednesday, June 25, 2014

SEO and Reputation: Putting Your Best Foot Forward

Reputation management, once solely a PR term, is now the widely used practice of controlling one's own online listings and driving down negative or unwanted results in Google.

How do you know if you need to build or repair your online reputation? First do a search of your name, company name, product(s)/service(s), maybe some top employees and usernames. You'll want the most accurate results not influenced by your own personalized search history. Start by logging out of the account for the search engine, or if searching in Google, disable personalized search results.
 Sometimes all it takes are a few bad reviews, a spiteful competitor, or a misinformed blogger to tarnish your image. Don't let others set the stage and control your brand. Here are a few SEO tactics for managing your reputation online.

Social Media

Register social profiles and be as active in your accounts as possible. Fill out the profiles completely. Use tags, images, videos, and links wherever applicable. 
Focus on the following Networks:

 • Twitter
 • LinkedIn
 • Facebook
 • Youtube
 • Flickr

Content Consistency

You'll want to do the same for local listing directories, and there are quite a few. Brockett Creative Group offers it's own Powerlisting service that uploads your company profile information on leading directories, maps and applications.

If you or your business appears regularly in the press, create a stock bio that you can distribute to the media. Include links to your relevant pages. For example:

It's all about Art and Science at BCG. For more than a decade, we have delivered impressive results to our clients through unique and powerful branding, advertising, online marketing, and social media management campaigns, and a dedication to provide the very best in web services and applications, like the tSpark Content Management System.  

Remember, Reputation Management and monitoring isn't static. You may enjoy favorable results today but that doesn't mean it will remain the same tomorrow. Your search results can change based on recent news, social media posts, or other SEO factors. Building and keeping a positive online rep is a continuous process that you should remain involved in.

For help with your reputation management or more information on Powerlistings, contact Matt or Kari at [email protected] or 315.797.5088.

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